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Wednesday, 16 September 2015

The Second Leesfield Sponsored Parish Boundary Walk

Well done everybody who took part in the walk on the 12th September, and many thanks to all who helped to make it such a success by acting as marshals and encouraging others to join in.
46 people took part in total, 33 adults & 13 children, ranging from Annie who is only just 5 years old to Margaret at 83.

Despite the weather, everybody who had said they were definitely coming turned up to walk. There was a really good mix of people from around the Parish and it was lovely to see some new faces on the walk this year.

22 people including Margaret and 2 children, Jack and Matthew, completed the whole walk. Little Annie did about 6 miles, after a dance class, Amy did about 3 after Drama, and then both of them went to a birthday party afterwards! Some of the other children had to leave the walk early because of other commitments like football. Who says today’s kids aren’t active?

Another very active participant was Chrissie, who completed the whole walk just over 4 months after having had a double coronary bypass. Well done to Chrissie and also to our NHS for doing such a good job of fixing her.

One of the walkers was using a step counter, and she recorded 21191 steps for the whole route. Just think of all the calories burned, everybody deserves extra chocolate!

The views weren’t quite as good this year because of the weather, but we saw a kestrel, a heron, quite a few horses and of course cows. Blackberries were picked and eaten along the way, and we made good use of the facilities at Park Bridge.

We will be compiling a photo album of the walk, which will be available electronically.

Thanks again everybody, I’ll let you know the total amount raised as soon as I have it.

Liz Dent

End of Stage 1

The ford at Holts Lane
Huddled up at Park Bridge

At the Pike

The end - First lot!

The end - Last lot!

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