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Saturday, 4 October 2014

The LAST Project - October 2014

Disappointed but not discouraged  
The LAST Project -  October 2014

Disappointed but not discouraged that perhaps best sums up the reaction of the working group when we learned in the middle of September that our bid to Veolia for funding had been turned down. Disappointed, naturally, since a great deal of work went into the bid and, because there were a limited number of groups who fitted the criteria of being within ten miles of a the site,  it was one where we felt we had a     really good chance of success. However, not discouraged as the work will not be wasted since it can, with not too much difficulty be adapted and ‘cut and pasted’ to support the further bids we are in the process of and        proposing to make.

In addition to that there is very positive news on the progress we are making with fund-raising – funds from the congregations and our supporters are coming in well, the Sponsored Boundary Walk is expected to yield a very useful sum, and the number of pledges at both churches  continues to grow. Encouraged by this it also enabled us to put in a bid to the National Churches Trust which  will be going off in good time for the next deadline which is early October. 

Continuing with the work which is necessary from our side we have recently met with the architect and set in process the invitation of tenders from    selected firms for the improvements. These improvements can’t start until we have secured sufficient funds to embark on Phase 1 but the tenders will also help to support our applications to   other bodies for funding.  Although we have still much to do on the home front we are aware of a number of charities that we can and will approach but the sums involved are not as large as the grants from bodies like Veolia so it will be a matter of making lots of bids for smaller amounts of money. That we don’t face an impossible task is evidenced by the number of other churches which have managed to raise and secure funding for similar improvements, That we have such a lovely building also helps our cause.

So the work goes on and the message: ...we should never be discouraged... rings true.

Mel Farrar

The Great Leesfield Sponsored Parish Boundary Walk

Well done everybody who took part in the walk on the 13th September, and many thanks to all who helped to make it such a success by acting as marshals, encouraging others to join in, and most of all checking for cows!

71 people took part in total, 45 adults & 26 children, ranging from Annie who is only just 4 years old to Margaret at 82.

There were scouts, guides, cubs & beavers, children and parents from all 3 schools & Sunday schools, bellringers, Mothers Union members, PCC members and many more!

26 adults including Margaret and several at or rapidly approaching 70 completed the whole walk, together with 11 children including two 6 year olds & one 8 year old. Very well done especially to Aidan, Declan & Jack. When Kingsley sent me the list of beavers, cubs and scouts registered to walk I was amazed to see that three boys so young intended to do the whole route and didn’t really think they could do it.

I think everybody had a good time, and many saw parts of the Parish which they had not visited before or hadn’t been to for several years. We will do it again, hopefully before the summer holidays this year, and are looking at an alternative route, (Margaret’s walk), which will be suitable for those who are good walkers but prefer to avoid steps and fields.

We don’t have a final total for the amount raised as yet, but will let you know as soon as we do.

There are some photos available to look at in St. Thomas’ Church, and there will also be a few on the Parish website. Alternatively Paul could send you some electronically if you  prefer.

Liz Dent

Sunshine Corner

November will see the start of a Praise Group for babies and pre-school children. Painting, Drawing, stories, rhymes and songs will make a fun filled hour.

Please come along and join us. Let your friends /relatives Sunshine Corner is open for all.

Where: St. Thomas Church Leesfield.
When: Wednesday 2.00pm to 3:00pm every other week.
Starting: Wednesday 12th November 2014.

Little hand by little hand sharing fun, friendship & fellowship. Look forward to seeing you.

Susan Harrop


This is a subject that often causes difficulties for Christians. However it’s not supposed to be like that, is it? Many of us have a rather narrow view of what     prayer is, and I think that is where some of the difficulties arise.

Prayer is really about communication with God, and there are so many different ways of praying. If you are interested in exploring this subject, and finding new ways to pray, then consider coming to Bishop Mark’s Archdeaconry School of    prayer. That seems to me to be a rather ‘heavy’ sounding title, but it will be an   interesting morning with chances to take part in some different workshops led by clergy from this area. Last year’s session was very successful and this year’s      promises to be worthwhile too.

It will be held on Saturday October 11th  9.30am to 1.30pm at St Martin’s Castleton. I will be leading a couple of sessions, and I have a few spaces in the car if you would like to come with me.


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