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Monday, 9 December 2013

December at Leesfield

Sunday December 1st     (Advent Sunday)                
9.15am    Holy Communion at St Agnes
11.00am  Holy Communion at St Thomas
 3.00pm    Christingle service at St Thomas (bring an orange!)

Sunday December 8th                      
9.15am  Holy Communion at St Agnes                                                       
11.00am  Holy Communion at St Thomas
These will both be parade service and toy service

Sunday  December 15th                   
9.15am  Holy Communion at St Agnes                                                      
11.00am  Holy Communion at St Thomas

Monday December 16th                   
Carol singing around the area (weather permitting)
Meet 6.30pm at the door of St Thomas Church

Sunday December 22nd                  
 9.15am  Holy Communion at St Agnes
11.00am  Holy Communion at St Thomas
6.30pm Carol Service

Tuesday December 24th                          
5.00pm   Christmas eve service at St Thomas (featuring the Sunday schools’ nativity!)
11.30pm  First Communion of Christmas  at St Thomas

Wednesday December 25th 
9.15am  Holy Communion at St Agnes

Sunday December 29th  
9.15am  Holy Communion at St Agnes
11.00am  Holy Communion at St Thomas

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Pew Sheet - Sunday 17th March 2013

Weekly news sheet   Sunday  March 17th
This week                                                                                                                                   
Tuesday March 19th The last of the Lent services  -  St Agnes’ at 7.30pm                                                                                                                   Wednesday  March 20th  Children’s confirmation group meets in St Thomas’ church at 3.30pm

Advance notice                                                                                                                       
Monday March 25th PCC meeting St Thomas’ at 7.00pm

 Electoral Roll
The electoral roll is being completely revised this year. Please fill in a form to ensure you are included! This is open to those who are 16 or over and live in the parish or attend worship here regularly. 

Confirmation   -Adults                                                                                                                         
Ruth will be leading an adult confirmation group. If you are interested in this please talk to Ruth. If you are not sure about taking this step then go along to the first few meetings and then decide. There is no upper age limit for confirmation!

Easter Stall  
MU Easter stall at the back of St Thomas’ Church – donations needed and customers welcome!

Easter Flowers
If you would like to contribute towards the cost of flowers for St Thomas’ church, please give to Audrey Atkinson or Marie Kerr

Annual Parish Meeting                                                                                                                      
If you should be submitting a report for the booklet for this, please e mail it to Paul Dent as soon as possible.

St Thomas’s Sunday School
are appealing for  craft materials including egg boxes, marg pots, yoghurt pots etc.

Next parade services are April 28th St Agnes’ and May 5th St Thomas’

Holy Week and Easter Services

Palm Sunday March 24th   
St Agnes’  9.15am                                                                                          
St Thomas’ 11.00am

Tuesday March 26th  
Holy Communion at St Thomas’ 10.00am

Thursday March 28th      
Maundy Thursday  Eucharist St Thomas’ at 7.30pm followed by a watch  ending with Compline (9.30pm finish)

Friday March 29th  
Good Friday  service in St Thomas Church at 11am
United Service of Witness in Lees Village 12.30pm                                

Saturday March 30th    
Easter Vigil service at St Agnes’    7.30pm.

Easter Sunday March 31st    
St Agnes’   9.15am
St Thomas’  11.00am

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Children's Confirmation Classes

Dates for children’s confirmation classes  (after school –prompt finish 4.30pm)
March 20th
April 10th
April 17th
April 24th
May 1st
May 15th
May 22nd 
June 12th
(June 19th  Confirmation rehearsal in church at 7.00pm –no class)

The confirmation service is at St Thomas on Sunday 23rd June.

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