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Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Leesfield Parish June 28th 2015

Thank you to all those involved in making yesterday’s Tea Party such an enjoyable event! A great deal of planning and hard work was involved.

Saturday July 4th Coffee morning at the home of Mrs Susan Wood, 18 Walkers Lane. !0.30 till noon.

Parish Trip to York Saturday 18th July.   9am from the junction of
Spring Lane / West Street, Lees.   4.30p.m. Return from York.
Cost £13.  Names please to Audrey or Roy Atkinson.

Bonus Ball  There are six numbers free for this. You pay £1 a week, and if your number is drawn as the lottery bonus ball you win £25. This raises a small but steady income for church, and works best if all numbers are taken. Peter Brooks (at St Thomas) runs this. Please ask if you would like to take on one of the numbers.

The Development Group are delighted to announce that a grant of £10000 has been given by the National Churches Trust. This is very encouraging and brings us closer to achieving our goal!

The parish Confirmation service will take place on Sunday July 12th at 11am. There will be no service at St Agnes that day. Rehearsal is on Wednesday July 8th at 7pm. It is very important that all involved attend the rehearsal. Please keep in your thoughts and prayers the 8 children and 2 adults who will be confirmed on that day.

Magazine  articles to please

Items for the newsletter to Edith by Wednesday eve please.

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