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Sunday, 31 May 2015

Synopsis of A.P.C.M. Sunday April 19th 2015

The following persons were nominated and duly elected for the coming year.
Church Wardens :-   St. Thomas`   Lesley Stansfield      
St. Agnes`  Philip Hibbert

Deputy Church Wardens :-  St.Thomas`   Roy Atkinson, Trevor Jones
                                                  St. Agnes`     Neil Crook, R. NcQuaid
Minutes from the previous meeting were discussed and no maters arising;   approved as a correct record.

Presentation of parish accounts.
Accounts submitted by Kingsley Wood. The accounts had been approved by the P.C.C.  at an earlier meeting. The treasurer
was pleased to report the accounts were looking healthier than last year.

Thanks were recorded to Kingsley and Liz for their hard work with the parish finances.

Mrs. K. Rands was appointed as external auditor.
Reports:- all reports are included in the A.P.C.M. booklet and it was felt that there was no need to go through individual reports.

The vicar added to her report thanks to all who work hard during the year to help with the smooth running of the parish. She also added that in the future the church would rely on lay ministry. She appealed if anyone felt they had a calling to any area of lay ministry to contact her.

Volunteers always needed to join the Pastoral Care Team.
The child protection policy was approved.

The following persons were elected to the P.C.C.
St. Thomas` members :- S. Disley, R. Manouchehri,J. Daubney, B. Morton,          E. Bentley, M. Bethel, M. Smith, A. Atkinson.
St. Agnes` members :-C. Bertram, E. Jones, K. Buckley, S. Fletcher, L. Lees,
S. Seel.

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