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Sunday, 31 May 2015


Standing Committee                                              P.C.C. Meetings
        2015                                                                      2015
Monday June 1st                                             Monday June 22nd
Monday September 7th                                   Monday September 28th
Monday November 9th                                    Monday November 30th
        2016                                                                         2016
Monday January 4th                                        Monday January 18th
Monday February 29th                                    Monday March 14th

St. Thomas` D.C.C.                                           St. Agnes` D.C.C.
  2015                                                                   2015
Monday June 9th                                            Wednesday June 10th
Monday September 14th                                Wednesday September 16th
Monday November 16th                                 Wednesday November 18th
 2016                                                                     2016
Monday January 11th                                      Wednesday January 13th
Monday March 7th                                          Wednesday March 9th

Approval of Parish accounts Sunday April 10th 2016 after the service at
St. Thomas`

A.P.C.M. Sunday April 24th 2016.

This meeting will be preceded by a Parish service at St. Thomas`.

Standing Committee, St. Thomas` D.C.C. and P.C.C. meetings time 7pm.

St. Agnes` D.C.C.  (open forum) time 8pm

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