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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Leesfield Parish July 12th 2015

Today we welcome Bishop Mark who will lead our service and confirm 10 members of our parish.
A particular welcome to any visitors who have come along in support of the candidates.

Parish Trip to York Saturday 18th July.   9am from the junction of
Spring Lane / West Street, Lees.   4.30p.m. Return from York.
Cost £13.  Please can you pay Audrey or Roy today if you haven’t yet done so.

Bonus Ball  There are a few numbers free for this. You pay £1 a week, and if your number is drawn as the lottery bonus ball you win £25. This raises a small but steady income for church, and works best if all numbers are taken. Peter Brooks (at St Thomas) runs this. Please ask if you would like to take on one of the numbers.

Lees Village Fair will take place next Sunday July 19th 12noon to 4pm at Springhead Football club on St John’s Rd. Half the proceeds will be given to church. Still needed- donations for raffle and tombola, and unwanted (!) teddy bears. (To Emma please) Volunteers are needed to help run the Tea Tent at Lees Village Fair.  We also need contributions of Home Bake cakes.  If anyone is able to help with this, please contact Jenny Daubney on 0161 620 9098 or see Jenny in Church - MANY HANDS MAKE LIGHT WORK!"

There will be no pewsheets during the school holidays, so please make sure that any dates you want on the list are there, and also make sure you have the list of dates!
Magazine  Today is the last date for items for the August magazine – to enable it to be printed before school closes for the summer. The September magazine is often rather ‘thin’ so please consider, over the next few weeks, whether there is anything you could contribute to that issue. The closing date will be mid August. The magazine is an important way of sharing, of linking aspects of our parish community. We are a wide and varied group and it would be good if the magazine could reflect this more. This seems an appropriate place to publicly thank Paul and Liz for their work in putting it together every month.

Magazine  articles to please

Items for the newsletter to Edith by Wednesday eve please.

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