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Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Leesfield Parish April 26th 2015

Thank you to all who contributed to last week’s APCM. Especially thank you to those who have agreed to serve as wardens, deputy wardens, PCC members and/or sidespeople for the coming year.  Please note Archdeacon’s Visitation is Thursday May 7th at St Mark’s Glodwick 7.30pm

Next Saturday  May 2nd  Parish Social  - 7pm at St. Eddie's Function Room, Spring Lane, Lees. This is a 'Bring & Share' event and notices are being displayed at St. Thomas and St. Agnes.  Please enter your contact details and also what you wish to bring along.  We are also asking for donations of 'Spot Prizes'(for children) and Raffle Prizes. Please contact Audrey, Emma,Jenny or Liz Bentley if you are able to donate and also to purchase tickets which cost £3.50 per Adult and £1.50 per child.

Christian Aid week is May 10th to 17th. More collectors are needed from both churches –please see Liz Dent or the wardens if you can help.

Adult Confirmation sessions will begin May 6th in St Agnes Church at 7.00pm. If you are interested come along- no commitment!
Children’s confirmation classes will also start May 6th –after school in St Thomas Church. If you are in year 6 or 7, have attended church regularly for the last 12 months, and wish to be confirmed please ask Edith for a form and information sheet.

Magazine  articles to please
Items for the newsletter to Edith by Wednesday eve please.

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