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Tuesday, 10 March 2015


Week by week I am being asked about sunshine corner, so here is an insight.  Going well, if my register was complete!   We have 7/9 children aged 5 months / 4 years. 

Unfortunately the cold weather has kept some away.  They faithfully seem to be enjoying themselves.

We have themed sessions, which have included “Jesus loves us” , “The Fishermen”, “Jesus Birth”,  “Wisemen and Gifts” and “God made the animals”.  As you may have noticed we enjoy our art work!!!  I was delighted this week to hear one of our 2 year olds has been putting her hands together to pray (Marvellous!)

We begin our session with our Sunshine corner song and we end with our Prayer song
“Before we say goodbye we clasp our hands in Prayer
 Dear Jesus Bless each little child and keep us in
 Your care. (Wave)  Goodbye ee x 2
 Goodbye God Bless you today.

We enjoy our CD’s bought with money from the Ladies Group and are buying some very noisy musical instruments paid for by the P.C.C.   Much appreciated.

I say a personal Thank you to    Margaret Bolton who never fails to turn up and clean up!!!!

God bless Margaret, I couldn’t do without you.

Love from Sunshine Corner
Susan and Margaret

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