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Friday, 25 March 2016

Leesfield Parish Buildings Committee

At the March P.C.C. meeting we agreed to form a committee to deal with all aspects of maintenance of our Church premises.

Functions of the committee are expected to include:-
¨ Drawing up a maintenance plan for each Church building and ensuring that regular checks and tasks are carried out.
¨ Formulating and monitoring premises-related policies.
¨ Working from the priorities highlighted by the architect’s Quinquennial Report to keep the buildings in a good state of repair.
¨ Compiling and updating inventories of Church property.
¨ Reporting and making recommendations to the P.C.C.
¨ Dealing with insurers and making claims as required.
¨ Preparing Faculty applications for submission to the Diocese to obtain permission for repairs and alterations.
¨ Liaising with contractors and architects on planning any works and    during completion.

These functions are currently undertaken to a very limited degree by a small number of individuals. We would like to pool all available resources across the parish, share our knowledge and work as a team to ensure that our Churches are well-maintained, safe and comfortable places.

So all we need now is some people!

The Churchwardens would have to be on the Committee, but they are not necessarily equipped to deal with all aspects of its work and will require help and advice.  As well as people with some building knowledge we will have to have some with administrative skills to deal with the paperwork involved. Scheduled meetings would probably be no more than 4 each year, but       occasionally it may be necessary to call an emergency meeting.

Could you or anyone you know help?

The more volunteers we have, the lighter the workload becomes. You don’t need to be on the P.C.C., or even come to Church, you just have to want to preserve our lovely Churches for future generations. If you are interested please see Lesley at St. Thomas’ or Philip at St. Agnes’.

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